Welcome to Pawfection Grooming Salon! We are a full service pet care facility capable of cleaning even the largest house pets. Feel free to contact us for additional information - we look forward to hearing from you!

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About Us

Our attention to detail along with the love and care we show to your pet will bring you great comfort when leaving your furry friend for their salon experience!

A trip to the Groomer should be an experience not just a haircut! When you bring you favorite pet to our salon, you are greated with a warm atmosphere typical of most human salons. What makes us different is that you have a view of the bathing and grooming area! Shocking isn't it! We have nothing to hide from you about the conditions of our salon or our equipment and you can see with your own eyes what your pet is experienceing rather than having to wonder what is going on behind the walls out of your sight!

We recognize that as pet owners your opinion matters and our goal is to ensure that your dog receives the cut you are looking for. From a simple wash and brush to a breed specific cut, Pawfection Grooming Salon is committed to caring for your dog and being a satisfied owner.

Pawfection Grooming Salon uses professional grade shampoos, conditioners, Milk baths, and hot oil treatments with the goal of giving your dog the the most luxurious coat ever.


Basic Groom

Bath, condition, dry, anal glands (if required), nail clip, ear hair plucking (if required)

Bath & Brush Tidy

For dogs that just need a bath and a little trim ie. Golden retrievers

Breed Specific cuts

Pawfection Grooming Salon offers any cut that you require for your dog, no matter what the breed! your snouzer, Poodle, Airdale or Westy and many many more will leave our Salon ready for the show ring.....or maybe just a walk in your neighbourhood.

Nail Trim

Not everyone likes to trim their own dog's nails and it can sometimes be an excercise in frustration as you try to get your dog to be still as you try to delicately cut the nails and not hear a "YELP" or even worse make them bleed. We offer a "drop in" service for Nail Trims, our Pet Stylist will take care of your dog while you wait and have a seat in our comfortable leather chairs.


We offer special treatments such as Milk Baths or Hot Oil should you request them. These are just that something extra that makes a Pawfection experience even better!

We are very pleased to offer grooming services for cats! Call 403-380-4959 to make an appointment for your cat to be shaved or mattes brushed out or a full body brush!

Contact Us

Phone: 403.380.4959

Address: 1243 2nd A Avenue North

Feel free to send us a message!